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How to export the specified feature you want in a DLL

Open the DLL file with DLL to C, check the option "Disassemble the code section", and select the Disassemble Mode "Disassemble with Complete Structure Mode". Then click the button "Start Convert".
Dll Export Test

When the conversion is complete, DLL to C will generate a dfa file. Open the dfa file with DFA.exe. DFA will build the Function Relationship Tree of the DLL.
Function Relationship Tree

By default, DFA will check all the functions of the DLL. If you don't want to export all the functions, but only want to export the specified function you need, then you can uncheck all the functions which you do not need. Click the menu "Edit", then click "Uncheck All Functions".
Uncheck All Functions

Then check the function you need. In this sample, if you only want the DLL export function DayOfWeek, then just check the function Date_DayOfWeek. DFA will check all its dependent functions automatically.
Check Function

And then just click the button "BUILD CODE", then you will get the code you want.
Build Code

You can find this sample in the directory "FullVersion\CompleteStructureMode\ExportSpecifiedFunctions\TestDate" of DLL to C.